Blog | Flo fights the wet

Hey guys,

Yesterday we had varied conditions. We start the race in the sun and I had a bad start from the Pole position. I was only 5th in the First corner. Then I tried to push and I could get to the front. I wanted to ride away from the other riders but I could not do it. Then I was caught in the group and it began to rain. At this moment I was at the 6th position and I had to start the race part 2 on this position with rain tyres.

The 2nd start was better and I was 5th or 6th position in the first corner. We had only 5 laps to go and for me it was not easy to get a good feeling in this short time. At the end i was only 11th.

But today is the next race and I want to go at the front.

Flo #66