Blog | Flo fighting last weekend

Hey guys,

This last weekend I rode my last race of the year in the IDM (German Championship).

My 1st practice was not so good, because my bike broke after two laps. The 2nd and 3rd training were better and I was fast. It was a little bit wet in the first qualifying and I was 2nd. In the second qualifying it was dry, but I rode the hole time alone without slipstream and was 5th.

In the warm up it was really wet and slippery, so I was 9th. We started the race 4 hours late, because there was oil on the track.

I had a really good start and was 1st in the 1st corner. Than I fought for the 2nd position. In lap 3 Philipp braked really hard before me and I had to brake harder and then a rider of my team crashed into me. Than I tried to push and get back to the group again back and fight again. In the last lap I was in 4th position and in a left  the leader of the championship passed me with really much risk. He rode so hard, because if he was behind me he lost the championship. At the and I was 5. And was not so happy with this.

See you,

Flo 66