Blog | Flo fighting but cautious in Brno Race 2

Hey guys,
On Sunday we had the 2nd race with good and dry weather in Brno.
My start was my worst one in this year. So I was only 6th or 7th. Then I got into the lead, but then every corner some people passed me, taking lots of risk and then I said to myself, that I need the points and slipped back to the 13th position.
Then in 2 laps I was again at the 2nd position, but it was not possible for me to go into 1st, because there were again lots of overtaking with lots of risk. Then 2 riders crashed and the red flag came out. At the end I was only 4th, but I got good points for the championship.
Get well soon to Danilo and Willi.
Thanks to the team for this nice weekend.
See you,
Flo #66