Blog | Flo cautious in the wet qualifying at Misano

Hey guys,
Now we are in the nice and "sunny" Italy.
We had good weather on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday I woke up early in the morning for jogging and it was windy, cold and wet.
So, we started the free practice in wet conditions and I needed a long time to get a good feeling. At the end I was 17th.
First qualifying was also wet and at the end it was a little bit dry in some corners.
I was 9th.
The second was more wet than the first one and in the 4th lap I had a high-side but with a lot of luck no crash. Then I rode into the pits and I stood for a long in the pit. So nobody was going faster than in the first qualifying. I thought that I must take no risk. At the end nobody went faster than in the first one, so I was 9th.
Now I am looking forward to Saturday.
See you,
Flo #66