Filip Salač

Blog | Filip Salač with his best ride to second in Misano

Hello everyone,

I'm going to tell you something about my last race in Misano.


From first practice my feeling with the bike was good because I made good lap time alone.

In FP2 from my first lap my bike was really lazy so I had to come to the box and change my bike for spare bike.
The settings on this bike wasn't perfect but I said that I have to make laps and laps.


So in QP I had made one training less to make a better setting. In the end it was a start from the 3rd row on the grid.


I had good start in the race and in first lap I was 4th. Then it was really big battle in the front group and I was strong there.


In the last lap Can Oncu overtook me in the last sector and I wasn't able to overtake him in last corner.


I finished 2nd but I'm really happy for this race because now I'm on 2nd place with same pints as Deniz.


I think it was my best race in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. Now I'm looking forward to the last race of this season and I want to win my first race there!

I hope I will do it and I want to say thanks to all!

See you,

Your Filip#12