Filip Salač Aragon test 2017

Blog | Filip Salač fast and sorting through setting problems in Aragon

Hello everybody,

I'm going to tell you about the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup preseason test in Aragon.

I knew that it will be very difficult year because there are many fast guys and a girl.

I've tried to make the best feeling and setting with my bike on the first day.

The second day we had 2 practices on a wet track and I enjoyed that like never before.
I'm taller than last year so I have more control with the bike.

Enjoying the wet

After the lunch the track was dry. I tried to do my best and in the end I was 3rd. I had problem with engine when I shifted 5th and 6th gear. We tried to repair that for the 3rd day.

The third day was the last day with 2 practices making the start procedure and a race simulation (18 laps). In the first practice I tried the bike but it wasn't better so we changed to another bike but with my settings.

Enjoying my new kit

I made the second practice with the other bike but it had old frame from 2016 and it was completely other. It was like riding a bull.

For the race simulation I got back on my own bike and it worked.

Enjoying the dry

I made best lap of the simulation and I had good feeling with the bike and with me after my medical problems.

I evaluate it very positively.

I want to say thanks to my mechanics Joan, my father and all who helps me!

See you in Albacete for the Junior World Championship in the Moto3 class.

Your Filip #12