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Blog | Filip Salač all about settings in Jerez and Albacete

Hello everybody,

I enjoyed my first time with KTM of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. In the first practice we had a new engine and we couldn't rev more than 11000 rpm, but it was good for looking on the track and meet with the bike.

I did my best lap on the first day in the last practice because the second day was so difficult for me. We couldn't find ideal setting but I pushed very hard and I had one small crash at the first corner. The 3rd day was on wet tyres, and it was my first time in wet weather with a Moto3 bike. I had a good progress in first practice but after Alex Viu crashed the practice was stopped and it was the last training for us.

We will have so much work on the GP weekend because we have to find good settings.

I want to say thanks to all people from Red Bull MotGP Rookies cup.

Albacete first race weekend.

The full weekend was plagued because we couldn't find a good suspension setting.
In qualifying I was 12th. For Sunday warm up we made a big change and the bike was better. Then we made one change for the race but on the first lap in the first corner I was 7th but one rider before me crashed and I must to go straight so I lost many positions. Then I pushed step by step and in the end was 8th, in my category that is 6th position for me.

Now I'm preparing for Jerez, first race of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies cup.

Again I want to say thanks to my family, my team, my sponsors because without them I can't to do this sport.

See you in Jerez,

your Filip12