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Bonjour everyone!

The winter break has been very long, and my daily activities are easy to describe: school and sports only! This year is very important because it is my last year of high school, with the A Level exam at the end. I studied a lot so I couldn't spend that much time with my friends.

My goal for the winter was to train as much as possible to be physically ready for the new season, so I tried various sports with my coach. We went cycling, running, swimming, boxing, playing squash, and added some Trial and Enduro to the package!

Beside, I am spending a lot of time trying to improve my English with my personal teacher. She is also a friend, and I hope she will be able to come with me on a few races because I still have a lot of work!

Of course, I also went back on track, on an R6 lent to me for the winter. I made a lot of laps in Alès, because the track is only a few minutes from my place. But to learn the tracks of the Red Bull Rookies Cup, nothing is better than watching MotoGP videos and playing MotoGP13!

My next important event is the first race of the French National Championship (FSBK) in Le Mans. It will help me to get back on a Moto3, and I will do my best to win it. After that, I'll have to wait for the first tests on the KTM in Aragon. And I am really impatient!