Enzo Boulom

Blog | Enzo learning a lot at Assen | 2014

Hello everyone!

The third round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup took place on the legendary circuit of Assen in the Netherlands. It was my very first time on this racetrack and as always in Assen, the weather conditions were totally unpredictable; with constant alternations between sun and rain.

Despite all this, I made some good progress in my ridding techniques and therefore my lap time during free and qualifying practices.

The first race took place under raining conditions. I made a bad star and because I didn’t have a good felling with the grip of the bike, I had some difficulties to get back with the group. I tried to push harder but I fell down.

At the start of the warming lap of the second race, my bike stalled and I had to take the start from the last position of the grid. In the first corner, I had a little collision with an other rider which put me out of the track.

Then lap by lap, I pushed really hard and took a lot of risk to get back with the group in front of me. When I finally did it, I made a big high side. So I decided keep my position in order to stay on my wheels and not repeat the mistake of the day before. At the end, I finished at the 19th position.

In conclusion, I appreciated to ride on this race track even though it was my first time. The final result is disappointing but I really improved my ridding techniques and the settings of the bike to face this kind of climatic conditions; which were particularly difficult this weekend.

Enzo Boulom, #99