Enzo Boulom

Blog | Enzo fast in the wet but racing hurt in Misano | 2014

Hello everybody,

The 7th round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup took place on the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

On Friday the weather was terrible, it rained almost all day long. This wasn’t a problem for me because I really like this kind of tricky conditions. I did the entire first free practice in 4th position but while I tried to push a little bit harder I fell down. It is a shame, because on this lap I did the best time in the second sector and I was improving my lap time.

During the second free practice I stayed in the top 5 but because the rear suspension was too hard I fell down two times. After the second crash I couldn’t rejoin the practice and thus I finished 7th.

For the qualifying practice the rain stopped but the track was still wet and really hazardous. For this session we made few setting modifications but because of the lack of time between the second free practice and this one, we couldn’t change the spring on the rear suspension.

The bike was really brutal and difficult to ride because the front was soft and the rear was hard. Despite that, I managed to improve my lap times and at the mid point of the session I was in 5th position. During my last lap, I was in advance on the pole position in the first sector but unfortunately I did a big high side and violently fell down on my back.

Because my back was hurting so bad, I went to the medical center and to the hospital for a checkup. Nothing was broken, fortunately I only had contusion near my lumbar vertebrae which was limiting my movements. Even though I didn’t finish the qualifying practice I took the 12th position on the grid.

On Saturday, the weather was much more pleasant with the return of the sun and summer temperatures. Even though I had some difficulties to move and still felt some pain from my Friday crash; I decided to take the start of the race.

I made a bad start and in the first corner I was 22nd. But more motivated than ever, I overtook riders in front of me on by one until I got the 9th position. Finally, I finished the race at the 10th position at only three thousandth of a second off the 9th position.

Many thanks to the whole Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup staff, Romain my mechanic helper and my father for their work and personal investment. I also want to thank all the people that support me this season (LS2, Un Temps Pour Soi, FFM, MG competition, MGB…)