Enzo Boulom Rookies Cup

Blog | Enzo Boulom testing his Moto3 for the perfect Jerez preparation

Hello everyone,

Over the past two weeks, I intensified my preparation for the 2015 season opening at Jerez this weekend.

After acquiring a Suter Moto3 and with the support of Martial Garcia, I realized two practice sessions on Lédenon and Magny-Cours tracks. At Lédenon, the objective was mainly to adjust the bike to my riding style. This track offers a lot of features; fast corners, elevation changes, that allowed me to work better for the first session on Friday at Jerez.

At Magny-Cours, we confirmed these settings and I also worked on my riding style, especially on corner entries to have a higher speed. I even managed to do the best lap record. Both tests were beneficial for me and it bodes well for the season.

With Dominique Sarron

Finally, as I belong to the elite group of the French Federation, Alain Bronec coached me during a Dirt Track session. This session allowed me to work my corner exits while playing with the rear brake. I also worked on the slide, which is important for Moto3.

I'm really looking forward for the first round in Jerez this week with two races!

Talk to you later!