Enzo Boulom Brno

Blog | Enzo Boulom robbed of a win in Brno

Hello everyone!

We arrived in Brno by car after 15 hours of driving. Once I arrived, I did a lap behind the scooter of Alexis Masbou. As alway, there was a great welcome at the Red Bull hospitality

For the first free practice, I got back on the bike I had in Sachsenring. I still struggled to find the right settings, especially on the front that didn't match me. There was a lot of movement over bumps. I finished 9th.

For the second free practice, the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup mechanics decided to change the settings to put more weight on the front and try to make the bike more stable. I improved my lap time, the bike was a little more stable but still very tricky on the front.

I thought that with new tires, that issue would have been corrected. In any case, we didn't have time to make big changes between the free practice and the qualifying session. I realised the 9th time again

For the qualifying practice, I rode alone. We decided a strategy with some riders but it did not happen. I lost time and stayed with the wrong group. That was a bad session and I finished 14th on the grid, a big problem for the two races.

Before the first race, we changed the front springs which were much too hard. On the warm up lap, I noticed some improvements. After a not so bad a start, I was 20th on the first corner. I overtook a lot of riders to eventually finish 8th place. It was a hard race during I was not able to go out slower groups. I hoped for a better result.

For the second race, the suspensions was too soft. Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup engineers slightly changed the hydraulics setting. After a good start, I was 16th on the first corner. I was confident on the bike and I tried to overtake slower riders as soon as possible on each turn.

I lost time on straight because I'm taller on the bike. I was 7th on the first lap and 3rd on the 5th. The battle was tough but I believed I was able to win. On the last corner while I was on the outside, Fernandez struck me. I lost the first place and Garcia and Gutierrez overtook me also.

I finished 4th, 0.01s behind the 3rd, and 0.150s behind the winner.

It's a pity but I'm now confident. I want to thank the technical staff of Red Bull MotoGP Cup for their availability during the whole week-end to help me get support and find technical solutions.

I hope to finish on the podium at Silverstone, maybe more.

Talk to you later!