Blog | Enzo Boulom getting in some track time at last

Hello everyone,

Since the training camp with the French team in Font Romeu, I've worked hard on my physical preparation. Every day, I go running or do a bike session combined with musculation training. Meanwhile, I perform balance exercises which is an important concept in motorcycle.

In late February, I went to the Eyguières Circuit for my first track session of the season. Alain Bronec, sporting manager of the French Federation, gave me the opportunity to ride a Yamaha YZF 125cc. This day allowed me to find my feelings on a bike after few months away from a race bike.

Last week, with the support of Martial Garcia, we participated in a test at the Jerez circuit on a Honda Moto3. The main objective of this test was to prepare the first race of the season which will take place on the same circuit in May.

Until the beginning of the season, we have no other scheduled session on track. Just like last season, I wished to participate in the French Championship opening round, but it was canceled. Similarly, the Ales circuit where I am located is currently closed for renovations.

Outside the Supermoto on a karting track, it is difficult to find a motorcycle circuit on which I can really train. So, I studied all the possibilities that are available to me to try by the beginning of the season.

Until my next report, I continue my physical preparation to be even stronger when I will take my leathers on again.

Enzo Boulom