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Blog | Enzo Boulom on form but unlucky in Misano

Hello everyone,

With my first podium in Silverstone few weeks ago, I was very confident for this round in Misano last week. The first day was positive. During the first practice, I made good times and I got the right pace very quickly.

During the second free practice, I tried some settings on the bike since I had troubles with the front.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test them because my bike had an electronic issue. Then, I had to change the bike without my settings and I made the 10th of this second free practice.

Nonetheless, I managed to find the right line on the track. It helped me a lot for the qualifying session.

During the qualifying session, we set the bike with the settings we wanted to test on the second free practice. On new tires, the beginning of the session was quite good. I made the 2nd time until the last minutes of the session. I made a pitstop to change some settings but I crashed. Thus, I was not able the confirm these settings. I finished 5th on the grid which was quite good for the race.

For the race, I made a good start but I released the clutch lever too soon and some riders passed me before the first turn. It was hard to go out the second group. I managed to follow the first group behind Olly Simpson.

But instead of helping each other to follow the leading group, we exchanged our position and we lost a lot of time. I finished 7th at the end of the race.

This week-end was positive for the next round even if I finished 7th. I had a good pace alone without the need of slipstreams. It allowed me to work on my riding style and try various settings.

For the final round in Aragón, I will try to make the best result. From the first day, if the conditions will be similar to Misano, I will be able to have a good pace and finish on a good place on the starting grid. I also have to work on the starts to be better from the beginning of the race.

This week, before Aragón, I will be in Navarra to make a test before the next CEV round on my Suter bike.

See you there for the final !