Enzo Boulom

Blog | Enzo Boulom finding speed despite a few problems in Jerez

Hello everyone,

The season finally started last week in Jerez. Overall, it was a good week-end.

On Friday, on the first practice session, I got a good pace. I topped the timesheet almost the whole session. After several pitstops to change bike settings, I finished 3rd with a good feeling even though with little rear grip trouble. This issue was solved in the second session but another one appeared. I was not able to get on the throttle in the middle of each turn. For the qualifying practice, we didn't find the right setting on the bike. Nonetheless, I finished with the 6th place, on the second row, which was a good place for the two races.

I made a bad start on the first race. I was bothered on the first lap but I managed to follow the leading group. Lap after lap, the bike got worse on braking and I was not able to overtake other riders since my bike slid on the front. I lost time behind Marc Garcia and I eventually finished 8th. It was only due to the lack of race condition. That was my first race and these things can only be learned during races.

For the second race, I made a better start but the first lap was the same. I eventually managed to be 3rd. I had the pace and I recorded a new best lap record. It was a good race with nice battle and overtakes but on the final lap I was overtaken by three riders who used my slipstream. I tried to follow them and I pushed a little too hard. I nearly crashed. I managed to bridge the gap but with that mistake I lost any chance to step up on the podium.

However, this week-end was really positive. The results are not those we wanted but we have the pace and it looks promising for the next rounds. I have to work on my race strategy as well as my practice one. I should not get a tow to make a good lap time. I just should ride alone and don't loose time anymore.

I would like to acknowledge all the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup staff for the professional work during the week-end, the French Federation and Alain Bronec, my Mechanic Helper Julien, Martial Garcia for supporting me during the season and my family.

Talk to you later for the next round!