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Blog | Enzo Boulom fighting for the Assen podium


It's been a while since I wrote a ticket on my blog. June was quite busy for me since I took part of the CEV round in Barcelona followed by the second round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

Between the first round in Jerez and the CEV round in Barcelona, I was invited by the elite group of the French Federation to do a Dirt Track training session and another one on a track with a 125 YZF. That was a good training and I learnt a lot of riding points especially to manage slide and throttle on corner exits. It was also very useful to be more as prepared for Barcelona and Assen.

In Barcelona, I rode for the Ongetta Junior Team on a Honda Suter. We used the first day to find the right settings on the bike. There are some differences between this bike and the KTM I use to ride in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies. On Saturday, my feelings were better but unfortunately the engines broke during the QP2. For the first race, we suffered from a clutch issue and I finished 14th. On the second race, the engine lose power progressively. After investigation, this issue was due to an electronic problem.

My week-end in Assen was very positive with a good improvement compared to last season. The race before Assen helped me a lot to find my pace really fast. The first practice session was more complicated since I had to find the right settings on this track which is different. Finally, I managed to make the 9th time, 1.7s behind the best time.

The second free practice was better with a time 0.9s behind the provisional pole position. My feelings were great, but I had problems with the rear and the front on used tires with a lot of slides.

During the qualifying session, I was able to get the best time twice. But on the second part of the session, the rear slid like the first race in Jerez. It was difficult to pass the power to the ground. We tried to solve the problem but there was not enough time. I managed to make a good lap even if I was bothered with slow riders. I got the best ideal time which was really good.

Before the first race, we made some modifications on the frame because during the qualifying session the front touched the radiator. Red Bull MotoGP rookies staff decided to check the settings of Olly Simpson to help me. We have the same riding style.

For the first race, the bike was then slightly different. I made a positive start but I lost time. I was able to get back to the first group. Olly Simpson crashed and two groups were formed. I pushed a lot to keep my pace and my position. On the last laps, the rear slid a lot but I was able to keep a good pace. The setting was good but we didn't have time to solve our sliding problems in time.

The second race was much better since we worked on the frame settings. The rear still slid but it was really better. I made a good start to keep my position on the first lap. Bo Bendsneyder made a big gap and I fought for the second place. I was faster than Bo some sectors. On the corner, I tried to overtake Gutierrez but he cut the chicane and I missed the podium.

Globally my improvement was vey good and now we are looking forward to make a good result during the CEV round in Aragón this weekend. As in Le Mans, I will ride under the French Federation colors. About Sachsenring nest week-end, I think that it will be as difficult as Assen especially during the first practice session. But today, the bike is good and we are working in the right direction. My target is the finish on the podium at least.

I would like to acknowledge all the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup staff for the professional work during the week-end in Assen, the french federation and Alain Bronec for the training sessions and my mechanic helper and father Denis.

Talk to you later after Aragón !