Emanuel Nicolas Aguilar Christmas in Argentina

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Hello everyone!

I tell everyone that three weeks ago I finished school classes in Argentina, approved in all subjects and am now on vacation. So I have more time to train. I also take this opportunity to tell you that on 19 December was my birthday but I could not celebrate because I was traveling, we had to attend a very important meeting.

Now I am in my home province and I'm back in the gym to improve my endurance and to have more strength, I am also training oin motorcycles, riding dirt track with friends.

In my spare time I help by working with my uncle who has a catering business where I do errands and also help my dad with car sales and I'm doing some work as janitor, then so I can earn some money for my personal expenses.

In January I will follow English classes with my schoolteacher.

I wish from Argentina a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.


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