Diego Perez

Blog | Diego leading but out of luck at Aragon



Hello everybody.

Last weekend we did last two races for the season in Motorland Aragón. I was very happy to go there because it's Spain and because it's one of the few circuits that I knew from before. 

Qualifying was not so easy due the weather conditions but I could get into the 2nd row.

The first race was dry and windy. The KTM was perfect with good settings and fast, so I could get to lead the race. I was feeling comfortable in this position but I fell in a corner loosing a lot of positions. At least I could get a good lap time in that race.

In the 2nd race I was ready to do it well again, but this time a mechanical problem didn't let me go as fast as I would like to. Also made me have and accident. Fortunately I didn't have big injuries.

Now I'm sad because the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is finished. It was great to take part in this championship.

Thanks to Red Bull, KTM and all the people that helped me so much to live this dream.

Diego Pérez #3