Deniz Öncü

Blog | Deniz Öncü winning at the Sachsenring

Hi everyone,

In Assen I was not so happy because of my position. In the Netherlands I had suspension problems. We have tried to fix this problem but we couldn't.

After Assen the next week we had the Sachsenring race. In the trainings my position was 5th but in the quali my position was 10th.

İn the first race it was raining very hard, that's why the race delayed.

I was not so happy because I never trained in the rain but I tried to focus about how I can ride the bike and which lines I can use. After 15 minutes delay the race started.

I made good start and I looked to go inside the other riders at the first corner. But they were riding to the inside so i thought and I opened the throttle to pass the riders on the outside.

And for me it was not a problem. After 1 and half laps I passed my twin brother Can Öncü and then I was the race leader.

In the last lap I saw on my board that I have a 13 second gap so I rode this lap a bit slow and I won the race. I was very happy because me and my brother Can were on the podium together.

İn the second race my start was not so good.That's why my position was maybe 13. But the group slowed me. And I thought I have to push if not I will lose the 1st group. So I pushed. And I got up to 6th position, lap by lap I was coming but my engine lost power and why I don't know.

I rode like this for 2 laps and then my engine completely lost power, that's why I had to go to pit lane and that was end of my race. I was very very sad.

Next race I hope my bike ıs OK and to the last race I will push for the championship.

See you next race in Brno!!