Deniz Öncü

Blog | Deniz Öncü unlucky to miss the podiums in Assen

Hey guys its me, Deniz,

Lets talk about a bit about Assen...The weekend was nice for me but it was a bit unlucky but OK. In the first race I didn't make a good start so I was 3rd in the beginning and when I got up to 2nd Can vas already gone.

For 99% of the race I was 2nd but in last lap I was overtaken but the in the breaking to the last chicane I took my 2nd position again but on the run to the finish line 2 riders overtook me so I finished 4th.

İn the second race with 10 laps to go I did a shortcut across the chicane but after I gave 5 positions back so is was 7th. But I finished the race 4th but race control gave me a 1.3 second penalty so I was 5th.

This weekend my finger injury affected me a bit as well but by the next race in the Sachsenring I will be fixed.

See you there, Bye...