Deniz Öncü Jerez

Blog | Deniz Öncü riding well but unlucky in Jerez

Hello, my name is Deniz Öncü,

I'm a Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup rider.

In Jerez I did my first two races but this weekend was not my lucky weekend.

In first race, first corner a Japanese rider crashed and then me and 2 more riders fell in this corner.

So I had a very much pain in my back so I couldn't rejoin the race.

In the second race there was again one crash in front of me but this time I managed to miss it but had to go wide so when I rejoined the race I had lost the first group.

So in the end of the race my position was ninth.

But next race in Assen it will be better.

Se you in Assen.

Deniz #52