Deniz Öncü

Blog | Deniz Öncü on the hunt for the podium in Misano

Hello, my name is Deniz,

Now I want to talk about the last race in Italy.

When we did the track walk I was very happy because I liked the circuit. İn FP1 I had some suspension problems but I didn't wanted to touch my suspension because the tire was not new.

İn second practice I had the same problem but at this time we talked with Santi and then after we chanced the settings.

İn Qualy we had a new tire but in the first lap I crashed but me and my bike were OK but I couldn't start my bike. Thats why I had to run to the mechanics. When I got there they fixed my bike quickly and I rode some laps because there were only 10 minutes left but my position was 9th.

In the race I was very good in the beginning and I got up to position 3. With the first and fourth rider we had maybe 0,200 milliseconds gap but I made a mistake, that's why I got to position 7. But then I gave full gas and I got to 4th. The top 3 had a very big gap ahead of me, that's why I couldn't catch them but I fınıshed 4th in the race.

But I'm ready for Aragon and I know it will be very good in Aragon.

See you there!