Deniz Öncü

Blog | Deniz Öncü happy that the long wait for the Rookies KTM is over

Hello I am Deniz Öncü,

İt was a really long winter to me because I really missed riding my Rookies KTM and in Jerez we made the first test and I think the test was fantastic.

İn the test we did some really good times and in the race simulation my target was to win/ Because the slow riders started in the front and the fastest riders from the last and I finished second because in the group there was a really big fight and every lap we lost a bit to the guys in front so at the and we couldn't catch the lead rider but it's OK.

I had some small problems but at the end I was fully fitting with my bike and this year I will go for the championship.

See you everyone at the first race in Jerez...