Deniz Öncü

Blog | Deniz Öncü glad for good points from a tough race in Italy

Hello everyone,

Last Friday and Saturday we were in Mugello and they were nice days.

There we had a 2 practice sessions, 1 qualy and 1 race.

And they were good days for me because every lap I did learnt more things.

The circuit was bumpy but it was nice to ride. Friday I finished qualy in 6th place. I think it was good because I did consistent laps and every time I made these lap times without slipstream.

And on Saturday, Santi (suspension engineer) and my helper Xavi came to me and explained that my suspension was broken in practice and qualy and we didn't know... But before the race they fitted a new rear suspension for me and I rode.

The problem was that I didn't have the right set-up so I tried to ride with what I had in my hands, to give 100% so it was a really hard race for me.

But in the end I finished 6th and I took some points and it's not so bad for the championship I think.

This weekend I have a CEV race and I adapt my brain to this race.

See you next time,