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Blog | David Salvador on vacation and ready for the last big push

Hello everyone!

I'm going to tell how I spent my holidays with my family.


After finishing the AustrianGP I started my resting days. I went together with my family to spend some days on the beach.


We also did enjoy a boat day with my friends Roberto and Pilar and we could do some snorkel activities where we could see many fish and the ocean living.

Spectacular day with my cousins, here with my cousin KuKi

We tried to disconnect from our routine doing different activities and we made it. I also spent some days with my friends playing one of the sports that I most love, football.


But I also had time to keep working on my strength and endurance. I took my bike almost everyday during the holidays and I could enjoy the landscape as the route I took was next to the beach, so I had much fun.


One of my favourite activities that I had the opportunity to enjoy was the riding a jet ski. I enjoyed a lot together with my cousin Héctor and my friend Adrián and I felt like a child doing this.

Jet ski day with my cousin Héctor and my friend Adrian

The last thing I did was hiking through the mountains with all my cousins: Kuki my older cousin, Héctor and my younger cousin Diego. We had the opportunity of seeing a very good views on top of the mountain and we also enjoyed all the nature.

Now that the holidays have finished it's time to keep training to prepare Misano and Aragon's races.


Many thanks for reading me!

See you soon!