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Blog | David Salvador closer to normality, closer to riding

Hey buddies!

I hope you are having better times day by day. Here in Spain we have reached "phase 1" and we are able to go outside for a walk or for doing some sports.


We are recovering our normality step by step, with the phases. Passing to the next phase makes us one step closer from the complete normality.

The zone where I live is one of the most affected of my country that's why I still couldn't train with my motorbike, because we didn't reach the second phase yet.


In spite of this I keep training with my coach, taking care up to a 100% of my physical training, and good news is that we are going outside to train with the bike and also to practice some running activities. In addition, I also work hard with my psychologist to be ready for the beginning of the season, which is each day closer.


I'm eager to train with my motorbike but the part that I miss the most is to feel the big tracks again. I need it and I know that in few weeks I will be able to satisfy that important part of my life.


Hope you staying safe. I send you courage and power!

Many thanks for reading me,