David Muñoz

Blog | David Muñoz with a perfect Austrian GP debut

Hi all!

I am very happy with the results in my first Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race, where we went from less to more from Free Practice to racing.


I didn't have a good feeling with the bike in FP, but I was getting a good setting for the race.

In the QP I ranked seventh. I arrived on the day of the race on Saturday, where I was very focused to try to do well.
The race was very beautiful and very fought where I could finish second.


On Sunday I wanted to go for the victory, since on Saturday I was close to getting it.


On Sunday I started very well and from the first moment I tried to always be in the top five and be very constant every lap.


Again a very hard fought race where I definitely finished second.

This weekend more and better.

David #64