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Blog | David Muñoz going well in Portugal

Hello everyone,

After two weekends in Portugal at the FIM CEV Repsol championship.

The first race in Estoril, it was very good where we were taking steps every time we went out on the track. I was P10 on the grid, in the race the first laps I went with the front group but when the laps were passing I saw that I had a little bit left behind and I was missing km on top of the bike.

Portimão we started with problems where it was difficult for me to adapt to the track, on Friday I was not feeling well with the bike or the circuit, on Saturday we took a big step where I worked a lot with my team.


On the day of the Qualifying, the first time where P22 is left had some problems with the bike, second time after the first I worked hard to keep the bike more or less on site, where I started to pull very hard from the beginning and finished P6.

P14 for the race where I made a good start and I positioned myself with the front group trying to push the maximum to go ahead, on lap six a rider fell in front of me and I couldn't avoid his bike, he gave a big blow to my bike that I had to abandon the race due to a technical problem.

Now it's time to prepare for the Austrian Rookies Cup race to be as strong as possible.

Chat soon,