Darryn Binder

Blog | Darryn's "True Grit Trophy"

Hello Everyone,

Last weekend I competed in a Vintage bike rally from Durban to Johannesburg which takes place over 2 days, it is +/- 650km, the bikes have to be pre 1936.

I took part on my 1923 Francis Barnett 150cc in the 30 km/h speed group. (What a change from my KTM Moto 3)

The first day I set off at 6am the 4th bike to leave. There is a 1 minute interval between each rider. My dad was the 51st bike to leave, he was in the 60 km/h speed group. My Dad caught up with me quite early on because I was pushing my bike up the steep hills. When my dad caught up to me he was helping me by pushing me up the hills on his bike. The ride was going great but then unfortunately it took a turn for the worse when my dads bikes gearbox burst from pushing me up one to many really steep hills, so he was forced to retire from the rally.

I carried on by myself, it was going great until I got my first puncture, but luckily I had tyre fix which held for quite a while until I hit a step in the road and burst the tube. I changed the tube on the side of the rode pumped it up and set off again, but not long after the valve tore off because of the tyre fix left in the tyre. So on the side of the rode I put in my last tube and pumped it up but unfortunately I had pinched the tube putting it in and I had no tubes left, so that was me out of the DJ rally just 50km from Newcastle the finish of day 1.

At the Prize giving on Sunday I received the "True Grit Trophy" for the rider who showed the most perseverance.

I will definitely try again next year, it was a lot of fun.

I hope you like the photo, Dad looks a bit worried about what I might do to his bike!

See you all in Aragon,