Darryn Binder

Blog | Darryn having a tough time in Brno | 2014

Hello All,

Brno round 8 and 9.

FP1 started off with the running in of the new parts in the bike and getting a feeling for the track.

FP2 – After having a small crash and really battling with the front end of my bike we made changes for qualifying which never really worked for me and I didn’t get the best qualifying position. Saturday we made changes to the suspension for the race.

Race 1 - Sitting on the grid waiting for the race to get under way the rain came and the start was delayed. We entered the pits and waited for the rain to stop, we left the pit lane on slicks but unfortunately when we arrived at the grid the rain came down again, the wet tyres where brought onto the grid and fitted into the bikes but by the time we were ready to go the rain had stopped again.

We got 2 warm up laps and then a 9 lap race. Once the race got under way the track was dry. I got off to a poor start not sure what to expect with the wet tyres on a dry track. I got into a big group but unfortunately never managed to score point.

Race 2 - After the unfortunate conditions in race 1 I never got to get a feeling of my new suspension settings but as the race got under way I put my head down making up 10 positions in 1 lap but unfortunately in the second lap, 3rd to last corner I hit the bumps and the front end washed away from me.

I have spent the last week in Spain training with my brother and tomorrow we are off to England for Silverstone round 10 and 11.

Can’t wait,