Dan Jones Aragon Test

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Hiya All,

I have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming season.

Cold and slippery at the Aragon test

I have spent some time with my team mate Rory Skinner. Here are some pictures and captions for what I've been doing.

Me and the Racing Steps Foundation/KRP team went testing at Albacete, we did 400km over a two day official CEV test.
Testing at Aragon with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, the outcome of this test was very positive.
Rory had traveled to mine and was staying for a week. Me and Rory decided to make the most of the mountains around the North Wales area, here is us at the top of Llandegla mountain after cycling to the summit.
Here is me, Rory and my brother Osian training on a NSF100 at Kinsham Raceway, the home of Chaz Davies.
The day before Rory returned home, we decided to go and have some fun at the local kart track. Me, Rory and my two younger brothers went go karting to end a week of hard training.

See you soon,