Daijiro Sako

Blog | Daijiro Sako helps you get to know him

Hello everybody!


I'm Daijiro Sako, and first of all I will answer a question many people ask me: "Why do you speak Spanish if you are Japanese?"

Well, I am Japanese, but I am also Spanish and I live and go to school in Spain, in a very small town named Gualba, near the mountains of Montseny in Catalonia. My father is Spanish and my mother is Japanese and Spanish and as you will have noticed, they love motorcycle and they called me Daijiro in honour of the late World Champion Daijiro Kato.


I´m very happy to be selected for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2019!! It´s a dream come true. That last day of the Selection Event at Guadix we had a double celebration because it was my grandmother's 81st birthday and I was with her and all of my cousins and uncles of Granada. There, my grandmother told me that she wants to see the day that I race at a Japanese circuit before she leaves... I hope I fulfil her wish some day!!


After the Selection Event, I went to Jerez for the last round of the Spanish Championship with the Premoto3; It was a fantastic weekend because I got the first position!!! I couldn't have hoped for a better way to end the season!!!


Now I will tell you how is my day by day:
Every morning I wake up at 6:45. I go to school and I come back home at 15:30 for lunch. At 16:30 I have lessons by Skype with my English and Japanese teachers. At 18.00 my mother takes me and my brother to another town; my brother does football and I do my specific physical training for my needs as a rider. We come back home at 20.30 and then all family together have dinner. By 22:30 I´m in bed.


At the weekends my father takes me to the circuit to train with my old motorbike. That's my best moment of the week!!

Chat soon,