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Hello all,

My first blog as a 16 yr old :-), after enjoying my birthday Friday 19th February.


Being based in the Netherlands it's not so easy to train on a proper race circuit in the winter. A bit more than a week ago we had temperatures up to – 18 degrees, people ice skating on the canals and lots of snow. So it's a matter of mainly spending time in the gym and - when possible - running or on the mountain bike. But things can change quickly and last weekend suddenly it was + 18 degrees (!), sunny and I had great fun riding my Supermotard on the Junior Track in Assen.

Currently we have a sort of lockdown due to the Covid situation, meaning evening curfew from 21.00 hrs and basically schools closed. One of the exceptions are those classes who are in their examination year and as I'm taking my exams this year I'm still 'enjoying' going to school.

Racing wise we have been busy with preparing all for the upcoming season. Proper testing is to begin early March and for my entry in the Moto3 Junior World Championship (CEV) we had to discuss with the team about the design of the bike and leathers - colour wise and sponsor logo positions, sizes, etc. At the first race it always looks great but I've learned that actually there is quite some time involved to arrange all and give each partner the right attention and keep everybody happy.


On the PR side actually I was pretty busy as well in the last weeks. I am an ambassador of the Furori Foundation, they give sick children the opportunity to forget about their problems for a day and drive a fun car on a proper racetrack. 'Racing as a medicine' sounds like a very appealing slogan, doesn't it? It's very nice to do and great to see those kids smile. Hopefully the promotion video we made will help them to get attention. For the Assen Circuit we shot a video for a price competition and I did a video with Jeffrey Buis (who is the World Supersport 300 champion from the Netherlands) where we interviewed each other.


School, preparations, PR videos ....... now ready to start testing and racing!

Stay safe

Collin #95