Collin Veijer

Blog | Collin Veijer leads the race in Aragón

Hello everyone,

The second weekend with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Aragon is over. With the data from the first weekend I was able to prepare well for the second one.


In itself there was not much to be changed to the bike and setting, but it was more that I had to work on myself.

I used FP1 to immediately find the right feeling and confidence. For FP2 we got new tires and because FP1 already felt good I used this training to prepare for a good qualifying.


This worked out really well because I managed to get 4th starting position.


I had a good start in Race 1 and I knew that I had the right pace from the beginning, all felt good and I really enjoyed this race where I could even lead the field for a while!


Unfortunately I crashed on the last lap which was just my own fault. I got the long straight before the last corner wrong, I couldn't take a slipstream and I tried to make up for this in the last corner.

But I pushed too much and fell off, fortunately without any injury.

During the two warm up laps before Race 2 I had to feel how the bike felt because it was quite damaged during the crash of Race 1.

I quickly noticed all was fine and of course this gave me confidence.


A big thanks to the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup team for doing a great job in repairing my bike.

The start of Race two was again good and I was able to make up one place immediately. Soon I found out that I could keep up well with the leaders on the technical part of the track, but it was really difficult on the back straight.


The wind had changed and for this situation the gearing was a bit too short which meant that I couldn't do much on the long straight.

I could just get behind another rider and stay there, but could not really get out of a slipstream.

With the lesson learned from Race 1 I did my best to maintain the right pace and get a proper finish.


With a P7 in the end I think that worked out well.

Now on to Valencia for the European Talent Cup and after that the 2 last Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup rounds at the same circuit.

We continue to work hard to finish the season on a high!

Stay safe,