Clément Rougé

Blog | Clément Rougé thrilled with his first Rookies Cup week

Hello Everyone!!

For this new blog I will talk about tests of the Red Bull Rookies Cup which took place in Jerez.


In Jerez, on the first day we did not ride but we received our Alpinestars leathers with the Air Bag system, our Schuberth helmets, we also discovered our bikes and we settled the orders.


Tuesday: I made my first rides with the bike, I had fun all day while progressing on my riding and my lap times.


Wednesday: I pushed a little more to make better time and the day was good, a lot of work with a lot of fun, a fall also so I tested the Air Bag system that protected me very well!


On Thursday we took care of the KTM we received some more things and we made photos and videos of us.


Friday in the Rain ... great sensations with the bike I could let go with the bike!! These five days were great!!! I'm looking forward to the race, get to work now.