Can Öncü and Carlos Tatay

Blog | Carlos Tatay having a very 'fighty' weekend in Mugello

Hello to everybody,

This recent weekend in Mugello, was an amazing experience for me because, a new track like Mugello, and a fighty race like it was, was a master class for me, in the meaning of learning more things about races.

In the FP1 and FP2 I tried to have the best setting possible, for the bike to prepare well the QP, and I think it wasn't perfect but quite good for me.

In the QP, for me was also a really good class, because I learn mostly what things not to do in a QP, because I was nervous and for "silly" things, I reacted not as I wanted to, but although I make these mistakes I learnt a lot.

Finally in the Race, I've got really good feelings, so little by little I started to win some positions lap by lap, and finally I started fighting with the group, and leading it for some laps, and after fighty last lap, I finished in the 4th position. It was a really fighty race.

Thanks to all the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, members for their support during all the weekend.

See you soon in Assen!