Carlos Tatay

Blog | Carlos Tatay having a great time with his first outings on a KTM

Hi Everyone,

First of all, give such a big thanks to all the coordinators of all this project for helping me each day, and for making me giving my 100% during all this fantastic week in Jerez.

The first day was about proving our new leathers, helmets, making some photos, meeting new friends, and also for listening for some tips from Gustl Auinger, who with Dani Ribalta and Peter Clifford have just help me a lot during this week.

The second day was the first action one. This day, I tried my first KTM, in my life. After the first practice session of the day I felt really good with this bike, so I started improving each session step by step without rushing myself, and trying to feel and to get the bigger secrets of this awesome bike.

The third day was also an action day where, after the Briefing with Gustl and Dani, I get focused on finding the right direction of my bike and me working together, but also a day of continuing working on my feelings and getting relaxed with the KTM. I think this day was a really good one for me because I worked a lot, but step by step.

Finally the fourth day, after two good days at working my feeling with the motorbike, we'd make a long run, where I felt really good and I'd take big conclusions, of what I need to improve for the race.

So, much thanks to Dani RIbalta and Gustl Auinger for his attention and tips, also the people of Alpinestars and Schuberth for his support and help and finally to my helper and to my group mechanic.

See you soon,