Blog | Carlos Tatay determined in dirt and snow

Hello from Valencia!!

Sorry for this little time without knowing from me!

In this time I finished my first Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and FIM CEV seasons, and started the pre-season training for being much more than ready for the beginning of 2019!

Firstly, I returned to my road and mtb cycling routine, also some gym training, I started with MX training and I tried SKIMO too for first time in my live, it was also an incredible experience!


Cycling training, after motorbike racing, is the sport I most like. Cycling helps me a lot to improve my physical and mental capacities, for this I used both disciplines, MTB & Road Cycling.

I'm also training MX! It's super fun for me to ride a 250cc and feel the power on it.


Furthermore, after going to Andorra, I have become a SKIMO Lover! This sport it's as much fun as it's hard, but I really enjoyed a lot!

Thanks for reading!!