Can Öncü

Blog | Can Öncü ready for Mugello and more

Hi Everyone,

After JerezGP I was making a lot of training. Running, swimming, gym, motocross and all like that.

After I had a CEV Repsol race at the Le Mans GP. I had not such a good felling and I was a little bit behind.

Than yesterday i was in Catalunya and we made a one day test and it was really good and we did very good lap times. So I think we are ready to race back to back. After this weekend's Mugello GP I have a CEV Repsol race at the Barcelona GP.

So I m very exited to be back on my Rookies bike again this weekend and everybody tells me that that the Mugello GP has a lot of fans.

I think they will like a lot to watch our Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup races.

So hope to see you soon.

Cannot wait these last few days