Can Öncü Misano

Blog | Can Öncü fast but with no points from Misano

Hello. My name is Can.This is my blog,

Some weeks before we was in Misano. Misano was not so good for me in Qualy my position was OK but on Saturday in the race after 2 laps I crashed because I was not full focused. Because before race they said, 'no you cannot race' because I had crashed in practice.


I was very sad but in the last minute, Dorna and Red Bull Rookies Cup came and they helped and the officials said 'OK you can race' and I got to race in the last minute. I was so unhappy and upset, so I had no feelings on my bike and I crashed. Thanks to everybody who helped to me.

I didn't take points in Misano and now I an second in the championship. But nothing is finished, this weekend we have race in Aragon and I'm ready for a battle. There I will do my best and I try to take my old place back and I want to make the podium.

İ'm working hard for Aragon, me and my brother are ready for the race and we will make our best.

See you there,