Blog | Brad winning in Texas

Hello everyone,

The weekend went really well for me at the new track in Austin Texas.

I went out at the front of the group and was learning the track and got to grips with it really quickly, I ended up 1st in that session which was really good.


It was really good for me as I was in the top 3 all session and ended up 3rd. I had a lot of front end chatter and we made a change for QP2.

The changes we made from QP1 didn't make any difference to the bike and the the way it handle, so Santi and the WP bloke were going to make changes for the race.

Race 1
I got a really bad start and dropped back to 10th place on the first lap but then made my way up to second place behind Hanika by lap 3. Then passed him and then I ended up winning by 6.5 second which I was very happy with. The changes we made from QP1 made the bike feel better but we made a change for race to to hopefully make it better again

Got a really bad start, the same as race one and then I worked my way back up to second behind Hanika. Then I got hit by Diego Perez and nearly crashed so that made me go back to 6th place. But then made my way back up to 3rd place on the last lap, but just got pipped over the line for 4th. The changes we made from race1 made it even worse so we are defiantly going back to the setting we had in qualifying for Jerez in 2 weeks :)

See you soon,

Brad #28