Brad frustrated

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Hi Everyone,

Jerez didn't go that well for me.

FP1: Went out on my own and done lots of laps to get a feeling with the bike at this track. The bike felt okay but the tyres weren't so good so the rear was sliding.

FP2: We went a lot faster than FP1 so we discovered some problem when braking in a straight line. The forks would dive too fast and the rear wheel would pop up, also when braking into the corner the front wanted to was out.

QP1: Santi make a little change to the front and it felt a bit better but the front springs were too soft for my weight as it was hitting the bottom when on the first part of braking.

Race 1: We put a harder spring in but took some preload off the front so it wasn't a lot better than QP1. Also I had no rear grip in the race when in fast turns and slow turns when I first cracked the gas.

Race 2: I spoke with the WP guys after race one and they came up with a solution for race 2, to put more oil in the front so it didn't go down as fast. This was better when braking in a straight line but when braking into a corner it was very twitchy and felt like it was going to wash away. I still had no rear grip as they didn't change the rear suspension setting.

Hopefully the next round the suspension will be better and I can be up in top 5.

See you all soon,

Brad #28