Blog | Brad on the podium



Hi all,

FP1: running in a new piston in iffy conditions, ended up P7.

Q1: was very windy and had some really big suspension issues and ended up P19 :(

Q2: was another very windy session and during the session I was coming in about the suspension, got it sorted and ended up P9 very happy now.

Race1: The race started on slicks and one half of the track was dry and other was wet and went into last few corners and 11 of us crashed so they red flagged the race and we came in to change to wet tyres. We went out on wet tyres and the track was completely dry so we did 10 laps on wet tyres. Going into the last corner I was in 3rd and ended up 2nd and it was only my 2nd time on the track. Well happy, I think this is best feeling so far in my racing.

Race 2: It was dry and a little windy but didn't effect us that much. There were 14 of us covering 2 second so anyone could win. I went into the last corner in 3rd but got boxed in and nearly highsided coming out the corner but still ended up 6th.

So all in all a very good weekend for me.

A big thank you to all the Red Bull staff, WP suspension and Alpinestars.

Roll on Assen, a new track but I am sure I will soon get the hang of it.

Brad #28