Bradley Ray

Blog |Brad happy with test at his worst circuit

Hello everyone!
The testing went really good for me in Aragon :)

Day 1 was on the international track (small track). It was a good day, first couple of sessions we were all running in the new engines. When running in was finished I went out and kept plugging away, getting used to the KTM Moto3 again and getting the lap times down :)

Day 2, this time we were on the big track which we would normally run for the races :) . The first few session I was just getting my lap times down to a sensible speed, that's when we started to change the suspension, we made a few changes but not the correct way. For Day 3 we started making a change that should make the bike handle good and hopefully get my times down more :)

Day 3, we made some big changes with the suspension because I had trouble round the fast turns with the front feeling really light and having not much confidence. The changes we made were so much better and now I was able to push to race pace to make sure the bike handle also handle really well with used tyres. Ended up 5th in the test which I am vary happy with considering it's one of my worst tracks. But you have to learn the tracks you don't like. I'm ready and felling confident for Jerez in 2 weeks for the first round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

See you all soon,

Brad #28