Bradley Ray

Blog | Brad in great form at Misano | 2014

Hello everyone,

Misano went okay but could have been better.

FP1 was a very wet session and I went out on my own learning the track and finding where it was slippery and where it was grippy. I was also seeing if wet setup was going to be good for FP2 and qualifying. I ended up P12.

FP2 I pushed a bit harder than FP1 but still not taking a lot of risks, just finding my limit and where on the track I could push hard and where I had to be more smooth. I ended that session in P9 and felt like I had a good setting and good pace for Qualifying.

Qualifying went okay,! I was getting into the rhythm and putting in good lap times. I came round one lap and I was P1, then the next lap I came round in P3 so I said to myself "we need to push harder" but unfortunately coming out of turn 4 I had a minor crash but got back on and had one more lap; however, on my last flying lap it got red flagged. I ended up P5 for the race on Saturday.

The race started off okay, I was running with the front group on the first 2 laps but then I just didn't have any top speed or acceleration to stay with them, also due to lack of dry track time my suspension setting wasn't perfect! After the race we found out there was a problem with my chain; it seized so it was running really tight and the back wheel was very difficult to spin.

Hopefully we can get 2 good results in Aragon to finish the season off!

See you all soon,

Brad #28