Blog | Brad good points in Jerez


Hello everyone,

The weekend went OK for me.

I went out and got some got laps in but had a lot of front end chatter so I came in and Santi and WP guys made some changes for QP1. I ended up 6th in that session so was happy with that.

We made a change from FP1 and the change we made was a lot better, I was 5th in QP1 so got a good setting and a good grid position for the race.

Race 1
Got a good start and was 6th into the first corner but got punted wide and went back to 12th place. I had to fight all the race and ended up 8th. Not a result that I was hoping for but good points for the championship.

Race 2
Got another good start like race 1 and was 8th on the first lap. The top 8 were battling for the lead within 1 second, so very close racing. I finished 6th in the race, again, like race one, not a result that I was looking for but good points :)

Role on Assen!

Brad #28