Bo welcomes the new guys to the Rookies Cup

Blog | Bo welcomes the new guys to the Rookies Cup

Hi Racefans!

It's been a few weeks after the last race in Aragon and I already miss the environment of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup!

About my first year with the Red Bull Rookies I can be brief....It was GREAT!!
Loved every minute of it, to ride, walk, see and eat so close to my race heroes!
Made many new friends with one common be the new world champion!
And that is what made us sharp!

This week the Selection Event for 2015 has been run and great to see that next year some old friends will be with us and I know how they feel.... It's a great feeling to hear that you are a Red Bull Rookie! But I can tell them... it's just a start, it will only get better!

Congratulations to all the new riders, specially to Patrik Pulkinnen and Walid Soppe, we will welcome you all in 2015.

In Holland they follow the proccess of young talent as shown in this magazine, they interviewed me and made a great story of it!

Thanks for everything and see u all next year!

Bo Bendsneyder #64