Blog | Bo Bendsneyder on the game and on the bike

Hi everyone,

I'm counting down the days to get back on track!

In the mean time I'm having great fun on my Supermoto when i'm not at school!

In the evening I'm playing online on the Playstation with some friends of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and despite the great distance we are having lots of fun! Our favourite game is of course MotoGP 2014 Red Bull Rookies Cup which we can play with our own names, and that's still a strange idea but very special!

Next week I will be testing with my team "Dutch Racing team" at Almeria and Cartagena.
This year we will be participate in the new Moto3 Junior World Championship so It will be a very busy season for me ....But that's what I like!

Hope to see you all on track!

Bo #64