Blog | Bo Bendsneyder back on the Rookies Cup KTM

Hi Racefans!

After almost six months....there was the moment... "The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup" pre-season test gets started!

On the first day we are getting our Alpinestars outfit and again it look so great and fits so perfect!

It was good to see al the guys from last year but also to meet the new guys, some I knew but I'm also interested in the guys for example from Japan! Lots of respect for these guys, far away from home but still going strong!

And today we finally get on track with our KTM! After some easy running-in laps we pushed our bike almost to the limit and had a great time on track with my friend Oscar with whom I always plays on the Playstation online! Today Oscar was very fast but I'm close and there will be more fast guys so it would be a great race year!

Looking forward to it!

See u all on track!

Bo #64