Beatriz Neila and Xavier Larios

Blog | Beatriz Neila went well in Brno but better in Spielberg

Hello everyone!!

The last two weeks I have been contesting the races in the Czech track, the circuit of Brno and in the Austrian circuit, the Red Bull Ring. They have been two races in which I have improved a lot.

In Brno I didn't get such a good result, I qualified in the back positions because it took time for me to learn the track. The positive thing was the start of the two races where I managed to overtake five pilots in the first corner.

On Saturday, the first race was dry and I ran very well with time on each lap but still I was having trouble learning the track. Sunday was in the rain and this race was more positive because I rode in the wet and did well. I took another big step and learned a new circuit.

In the week between the Brno race and Austria all my family and I were visiting Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities we have seen. We stayed three days in Vienna seeing some of the great monuments and making guided tours so that we learnt more of the city and the last day before going to the circuit, we visited the small town of Spilver, a very beautiful town.

In the beautiful track of the Austrian circuit Red Bull Ring I got my best result of this season so far. It was a very nice weekend and full of learning.

I qualified very well, close to the top time and that gave me a lot of confidence to give the maximum in both races. The first race was good but I lost the concentration because in the second corner many crashed and I lost the group too.

I finished close to the top group though, better than previous races. The second race was better, i started very well, giving the maximum and I left behind some riders I finished well and very happy. I love the Red Bull Ring.

I want to give the thank the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup for everything, to my family and the people that follow me.

Now is time to work to the maximum and do better in the next race!!

See you in Misano!!

Full Gas!!